Reality about the prophet Muhammad (pbub) and Muslims and there Mercy in Wars

31 Aug

the reality you are talking about is only found in the verses when you do not see Hadith ,Tafseer and History.
I posted out before that our prophet(pbuh) when he regained Mecca from the pagans and since he was the most one on earth who knows what Quran means did not kill all of them nor he obliged them to enter Islam nor he told them pay the tax ,nothing of this happened.
Here is the dialogue which happened:
prophet(pbuh): O people what do you think I am going do with you?
pagans:you are (O Muhammad ) our generous brother and the son of our generous beloved brother.
prophet(pbuh):go you are free.
Do not forgot the whole part Surat Al-Kaferoon.
Why did not Allah only mentioned one verse and that is it?!
Why Allah devoted the whole part to talk about Freedom of religion –As I said before surat 109 all the verses.
Islam also defended himself in wars and won them,Did our prophet(pbuh) killed people who were in captivity??
No he did not,because as Allah says"You were sent as mercy to all people"
Amro Ben Al-Aas when he defeated the Roman empire in Egypt,Did he kill the Coptics??
No,he did not.
Tarek Ebn Zeyad when he controlled Andalus(spain),Did he kill anybody ?!
No,he did not;
Salah Eldin when he restored Al-Quds(Jerusalem) did he kill anybody?!
No,he did not ,however there is a verse in Quran that explains as follows"Punish those who punished you but the same amount" which means if you cut my ear ,Muslims should cut yours(completely just)and so on,but did Salah El-Din ,prophet(pbuh),Tarek,any of the commanders of Islamic armies did that??
Salah Eldin and after all these wars and all these criminal actions (killing women,children,even pregnant women,raping women,killing elderly people)
Did he after all of these unjust criminal acts punish them??
No he did not, nor did any of the Commanders of the Islamic army any time.
so why?
Because Allah said a verse which explains as follows "use just among you and do not forget the tolerance and benevolence amongst you ,Allah loves who forgive"
So not only Allah ordered us to be just but also guided us to be completely benevolent to people (all of them),because sometimes Just may seem so hard to do,so we can just forgive and as you say in your culture"just forget about it"
The verse you posted above only explains (look at Tafseer) when unbelievers attack us ,we must kill them in that war.
We never invaded anybody(I am going to repeat my posts again look again ,Islam never spread by swords)
Islam spread by early Muslims morals ( pity those who disrespect them,and say they were dishonest)(Ao’zo Bellah)
Allah said "I am the most merciful" ,"prophet(pbuh) was sent as mercy to all Human kind," and finally said "Muslims! be merciful".
You just can not look at verses and say their meaning,you must look at Tafseer and the Hadeeth and the historic prospective.
And prophet(pbuh) was the most one who knew their meanings and did not kill any body,


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