Is prohibiting a Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim a sign of discrimination between the sexes?

31 Aug

1. It is true that Islam permits Muslims to marry non-Muslim women (Jews or Christians) whereas Muslim women are not granted that right. This would seem to signify a lack of the principle of equality, but when one understands Islam’s point of view in this respect, one realizes that all Islamic legislation is based upon the consideration of the welfare of all concerned. Marriage in Islam is based upon affection and compassion as well as emotional well-being. Islam aims at ensuring that this matrimonial union is built on a solid foundation that guarantees its continuity and success. Furthermore, the faith of Islam respects other divine religions and commands Muslims to believe in all prophets as this is an integral element in the faith of Islam. When a Muslim marries a Christian or a Jewish woman he is commanded by Islam to respect her religious beliefs and must not prevent her from performing her religious rites and prayers, nor is he permitted to prevent her from attending her religious observances in the church or the synagogue. This respect of the wife’s religion ensures the welfare of the family, which is Islam’s everlasting aim.
2. Should a non-Muslim marry a Muslim woman the element of respect due to Islam would not exist for although all Muslims respect the other divine faiths and believe in all the prophets of God, non-Muslims do not believe in Islam nor in the Prophet Muhammad, and in most cases believe the false allegations against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad . Even if the non-Muslim husband does not declare his opinion concerning these false allegations, his Muslim wife would live in an atmosphere that would be marred by her knowledge or even suspicion that her husband does not respect her faith. The principle of mutual respect between husband and wife, which is the basis of marriage, would consequently not exist in such a situation and would lead either to divorce or an unhappy married life.
3. When Islam forbade marriage between Muslims and women who did not believe in God, namely infidels, pagans, Magians and the like, this prohibition was based upon the same logical reason for which Islam prohibited a Muslim woman from marrying a non-Muslim. A Muslim man believes in all the divine religions and respects them but he disdains all religions that do not believe in God. If he married a wife who followed one of these faiths that worshipped idols, he could not possibly respect his wife’s faith, and that would definitely lead to a strained atmosphere where the emotions of affection and compassion could not exist, thus destroying the foundation of the marriage.
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