3- Is it true that the Qur'an did not introduce any new precepts and rulings?

31 Aug



In addition to the previous authentic refutation of the second accusation regarding the Qur’an, one may add:

1. The Qur’an related facts totally unknown to the people of the other divine books. For example, it narrated the story of Zakariyya and the birth of the Virgin Mary and his guardianship of her. The Qur’an also devoted a whole chapter to the Virgin Mary, which is unparalleled in the New Testament. Where could the Prophet Muhammad possibly have acquired these facts?
2. It is related in Exodus that it was Pharaoh’s daughter who adopted Moses as a baby, whereas the Qur’an states that Pharaoh’s wife found him and adopted him. We also read in Exodus that "Aaron fashioned the gold and moulded the calf…" that was worshipped by the Jews, whereas the Qur’an states that Samiri was the culprit and that Aaron was innocent. [1/150].
3. If the Qur’an had been derived from the holy scriptures of the Jews and the Christians, why did Islam reject the principle of the Trinity, which is a fundamental belief in Christianity? Why did Islam also reject the belief in the crucifixion of Christ, redemption, the Original Sin, and the divinity of Christ?( 4. The Qur’an presents the prophets of God as ideals of morality and virtue whereas the Old Testament states that some of them committed sins, and this is incompatible with the veneration accorded them by Islam.
5. Religious observances commanded in the Qur’an such as praying, fasting, alms giving and the pilgrimage to Mecca, in addition to the instructions and teachings stated as to the manner of how each observance is to be performed, are matters that are unparalleled and are not mentioned in any other religion. The five daily prayers are performed in a certain manner at appointed times with the recital of certain specific verses of the Qur’an. Fasting entails total abstinence from food, drink, and physical satisfaction from dawn till sunset. Alms vary in quantity and in the way that they are donated. The pilgrimage entails circling around the Ka’ba, being assembled in a large gathering at Mount Arafat, going to and fro seven times between Al-Safaa and Al-Marwa, and pelting Satan with stones. These are all religious observances which are specifically related to Islam. Which religion could possibly have been the source of these religious observances?


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